5 UK Kayaking Spots: Chapter 1


UK Kayaking Spots

Why go abroad when you can enjoy the same beautiful scenery in the UK? The UK has some incredible spots for kayaking. We have compiled a list of some of the best places to take your Bluefin Kayak, whether it be for fishing or paddling, there are so many places to go!

The Outer Hebrides


This is among the top ten best sea kayaking destinations in the world, let alone the UK. The 150-mile long island offers culture, serenity, beauty, history, and adventure, all in equal measure. Head to Barra to paddle in the calm turquoise sea or over to North Uist for rocky coves and inlets and hopefully see some seals! Take your Bluefin Kayak and explore all the Outer Hebrides has to offer!



Anglesey is small with a square footage of only 276 square miles. Regardless of this it still offers a variety of kayaking for any level of experience. The sheltered bays, beautiful scenery and varied wildlife suit those looking for a relaxed paddle and explore, alongside the offshore islands, rugged cliffs and complex tides appeal to those that seek more thrilling conditions. As for fishing, you can expect to find; Bass, Brill, Mullet, alongside a huge assortment of fish in the Anglesey waters.

Dorset’s Dinosaur Coast

Stretching 96 miles from Exmouth to East Devon, The Jurassic Coast is a World Heritage Site in southern England. The hefty tides along it can offer a challenge to even the most experienced kayakers. A trip from Swanage Bay to Kimmeridge Bay gives you a chance to test out your Bluefin Kayak. Lulworth Cove offers amazing scenery, alongside, the chance to paddle under rock arches and appreciate all the Jurassic Coast has to offer!


The abundance of secluded bays, imposing cliffs, wildlife, and white sandy beaches make Cornwall an ideal kayaking destination. Already popular with UK’s surfers, Cornwall is becoming popular for sea kayaking as well! Cornwall boasts some of the most scenic sea kayaking in the UK. The abundance of estuaries and inlets which punctuate the Cornish coastline, provide unlimited kayaking adventures. Head to Newquay for bass fishing or to Looe in South East Cornwall for Mackerel! Have a look at this fishing guide for Cornwall: http://www.cornwall-online.co.uk/waterside/fishing.htm

The Isle of Man

The coastline of this island offers tourist attraction sites that kayakers will adore. From Peel to Ramsay, this tiny island’s coastline varies tremendously. The Isle of Man is only 32.5miles long, meaning that you are never far from some amazing Sea Kayaking. View the islands marine life unobtrusively from your kayak, spotting seals, birds and even basking sharks in the summer months!

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