Sit on top kayaks: The best for fishing

Sit on top vs. Sit in

When looking for a fishing kayak, you will come across two different types; sit on top and sit in kayaks. As their name suggests, sit on top kayaks have a seat that is mounted above the hull rather than within the hull. Typically, the top of the hull is normally solid but with channels or holes at the bottom. These holes are designed to drain water from the kayak and thus you will not need to worry about flooding the boat. Whereas with the more traditional sit in kayaks, you are enclosed inside the kayak.

Sit on top

Sit on top kayaks, that Bluefin specialise in, are extremely popular with fishermen up and down the country. The open design allows for full mobility which is perfect for assisting you in your fishing ventures. Due to them being wider than traditional kayaks, sit on tops are extremely stable, even allowing people to stand up on them easily. The increased stability of the wider hull also makes it extremely easy to get in and out of the kayaks.


Fishing Aided Design

Also to further assist any anglers, all of our models have compartments integrated into the hull which allow you to store various items such as; water bottles, fishing rods, the paddles, tackle and any other gear you may need during your fishing expedition. The water tight compartments even mean you can take out devices such as mobile phones and cameras, meaning you can snap that great catch!

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